Our Ethos

At Arborez, we believe in providing a quality service to both you and your trees and to do what is best for both and to produce an outcome that is desirable to you whilst being beneficial to your trees. We appreciate that we may not have met before so when we come to your property we respect that it is yours and we are there as guests whilst we are working. We also respect that some of the trees we are working on have been here many more lifetimes than us and are not to be unduly worked on in the incorrect manner but worked on with care and due diligence. Also, we are passionate that whilst some old theories and techniques about working on trees are more harmful than good, there are many that are still valid and combined with innovative, new ideas, will create great work. Leaving the job untidy is not acceptable and we take everything away and are only happy when you are happy. All work should be carried out to industry standards and we would recommend that that you ask to see proof of qualifications to make sure that this is so.